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Learning from History: Iroquois Theater Fire, Chicago, IL

When we look at fire prevention, a helpful thing to do is to analyze an actual fire that has occurred and discover what the causes were. This helps us determine what factors were in play and to not make those same mistakes. In studying certain fires through history, ascertaining causes can improve our methods of prevention. Certain fires might have been stopped or slowed down or prevented entirely if fireproofing procedures were in place at the time. A significant fire in U.S. history is the fire at the Iroquois Theater in Chicago, IL which occurred in 1903.  This fire is considered one of the deadliest in American history, and if we do our due diligence, there's a lot we can learn about methods of fire prevention.

Learning from History: Brooklyn Theater Fire

A wise examiner of history can see what has taken place in the past and learn from what has occurred.  At times, certain mistakes could have been avoided, and if events are carefully studied, we have the opportunity to make different choices so those same mistakes do not happen again.  As we analyze the details of a particular event, we can draw conclusions as to the causes. While this can apply to so many different circumstances throughout history, it also has special application to devastating fires that have occurred in America. By studying the causes of fires, we can prevent the very same types of fires from occurring now.  In fact, many fire safety codes have been put in place because of circumstances in tragic fires that could have been prevented. 

Learning from History: West Warwick, RI Fire

Most of us are familiar with the saying that those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  This is paraphrased from the writings of George Santayana, and it serves as a reminder and warning to us that we'd be wise to take note of what has happened in the past and learn from it.  A wise person will look at mistakes made and take steps not to make those same ones. In the past, there have been several notable fires that have occurred in the U.S., and from these outcomes, we can learn what things to avoid to make sure we don't make those same mistakes.

The Devastating Results of Secondary Losses from Fires

The occurrence of a fire is always a tragic event on some level, whether major or minor.  Our knee-jerk reaction is to hold our breath and hope that there has been no loss of life. If we are fortunate enough to hear that there are no casualties, we exhale with relief. However, after a fire, there are other losses to consider - especially for a business owner. 

Fire Safety Laws in Relation to Flameproofing

The fun side of starting a business is the dreaming, the planning, and the creating.  The not-so-fun side is the logistics, the safety issues, and liability protection.  However, for any business to be successful, a business owner needs to consider and plan for both sides. When the issue of safety comes up, under that umbrella is fire safety.  And under that umbrella is flameproofing. In order for a business to fall within the scope of the law and be protected from legal liabilities should there ever be a fire, fireproofing a building is essential.