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The Occurrences of Retail Fires

When we look at businesses here in America, usually, some kind of retail is what we think of. Goods, products, services - that's the stuff of the American Dream. As part of a capitalist society, we can use our creativity to come up with a million-dollar idea, invent a product or service that the public needs, or take a stab at whatever kind of business venture we want. When people do this, they usually envision profits and success - as they should; those things can motivate and drive us. Often, setbacks aren't part of that dreamy vision, but it's something a business owner needs to be prepared for. Every business has its share of crises to deal with, and one of them, for some, could be a fire. Today we'll look at retail fires and their impact on businesses.

In Community Center Fires, We All Lose

Community centers are so important to neighborhoods and communities. These buildings are often locations where people come together for education, entertainment, community meetings, and they provide a valuable resource to the people who live nearby. Yet, there are always risks involved when people are united in public locations. Community centers are no different, although it hits a little bit more close to home when something tragic happens there. Today we are going to look at a case study on a fire that occurred right here in New York. It happened at the two-story community center in Yonkers back in 1965, and 12 individuals lost their lives.

The Risk of Fires at Pop-Up Events

Entertainment is big business in our country. People spend a lot of money going to concerts, seeing shows, attending sporting events. Many attractions are often temporary and are 'pop-up' events - festivals, fairs, carnivals, and circuses. Any time we are at a public gathering - for entertainment or any other reason - there's always the risk of things going wrong. Emergencies can happen at any time, and the devastation is often magnified when a crowd is involved. There was a tragedy that happened at a circus many years ago, but we can take a few lessons from that terrible event and aim to make things safer in the future.

A Look at the Fire at Notre Dame Cathedral

If there’s one global event that has captured the world’s attention in the past decade, certainly the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral would be in the Top 10. The world watched as this architectural wonder was consumed in smoke and flames. On April 15, 2019, we were collectively glued to our TVs and phones, awaiting the fate of this incredible and historic building. While it’s fortunate that no lives were lost, it is a tragedy in its own right. As we look at how this disaster unfolded, hopefully, we can learn some lessons to prevent similar tragedies in the future.

The Sad Events of the Ghost Ship Warehouse Fire

One thing that makes America so special is that it is fertile ground for the growth of the artistic community. This is especially true in New York City. Manhattan and the surrounding areas are knowing for an accepting and cultivating environment for artists. It's not an uncommon thing for artist colonies to spontaneously emerge in different parts of the city. However, there are some intrinsic dangers when a community is not planned but develops organically. Many times, these locations are off the grid and mostly 'unofficial.' That means they are not on the radar of the legal departments of the city, and therefore, are often not compliant with safety regulations. While a great place for artistic genius to grow and thrive, they sometimes can present a threat to themselves and the surrounding neighborhoods.  This was the sad case of the Ghost Ship Warehouse in Oakland, California.

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