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The Life-Saving Protection that Flameproofing Provides

When you go into business, you soon realize just how many things are needed if you want to be up and running. There are many legal hoops to jump through, on top of all the preparations for your business product itself.  Some owners are fully on board with this, and some wonder about the legitimacy of all that’s needed to be operational. Fire safety and flameproofing are one of those areas where a business owner might wonder if every little mandate is necessary. Today, we will make the case for the need for flameproofing and if it does indeed save lives.

Flameproofing Throughout the Ages

We typically think of flameproofing as a somewhat modern development, but truth be told, many versions of flameproofing have been in effect throughout history.  While many were not as sophisticated as our modern methods of coating or soaking items in flame repellents, measures still were taken to protect important objects from flames and fire. Humans have always been aware of the dangers associated with fire and have taken steps for protection.

Fire Safety Tips for Business Owners

At Certified Flameproofing, we are in the business of minimizing the damage of a fire through the flameproofing process. If a fire breaks out, items treated with fire retardants will not contribute to the spread of fire. That is a powerful protective measure. However, flameproofing is most effective when it is coupled with other fire safety practices. As a business owner, by following a few simple steps and procedures, you can make sure that your business site has the maximum protection from fire. 

Flameproofing vs. Fireproofing: Is There a Difference?

When business owners are confronted with their need to have their business site flameproofed, a question often arises: Is flameproofing and fireproofing the same thing? Often the terms are used interchangeably, but there are some subtle (and significant) differences between the two terms. While both of them have to do with keeping a building protected from fires, there are differences. Today we'll clear up any misconceptions.

What is a Materials Data Sheet (and What's on it)?

In a society that is able to access any minute piece of data within minutes, even seconds, it’s become second nature to expect to have all the details concerning just about anything. At Certified Flameproofing, we are very cognizant of this tendency in our culture, and we aim to supply our customers with all the pertinent information they seek. Most business owners are relatively unfamiliar with flameproofing and the processes that accompany it. Many times, there are concerns regarding the chemicals used during our fireproofing procedures. Often, we hear questions like, “Are they toxic? Are they safe for our customers? What is the effect on the environment?”  Today we want to address those concerns and provide even more information to put our customers’ minds at ease.

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