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The Challenges of Fire Safety in Urban Areas

When you think about it, those of us who work and live in New York City are some of the luckiest people on the planet.  Right at our doorstep, we have the finest restaurants, the best entertainment, and some of the most spectacular tourist attractions in the entire world. However, while we are fortunate to live and work where we do, there are certain challenges that come with being part of an urban area.  One of those challenges, in particular, is fire prevention and safety. Today we are going to discuss some of those challenges and how they affect us as New Yorkers.

Fire Safety Tips When Using the Heat in Winter

There's nothing like the conflict that arises in the workplace over the temperature of the building. Without a doubt, you'll have those that think the air conditioning is too cold in the summer and the heat is too low in the winter. With that being said, employees often compensate by wearing extra clothes when there's too much A/C or by bringing in their own space heaters in when it's cold outside. However, heating equipment is one of the largest factors when it comes to fires - and not just space heaters. This also involves standard heating equipment.  Today we are going to discuss ways you can keep your office space safe from fires due to heating equipment, especially during the winter months.

Occurrences of Fires in the Hotel and Motel Industry

When we spend the night in a hotel, it can feel like a special occasion, even if it’s only for business.  There are many things that hotel owners must attend to in order for their guests to have a pleasant stay, including their safety. As this is a high-level priority, great pains must be taken, especially in the area of fire protection. Often, we can learn a lot about how to prevent fires by looking at certain things that have caused them in the past.  That’s what we’ll be doing today: studying some causes of fires in hotels and motels and see how we can take those lessons to prevent fires in the future.

Occurrences of Fires in the Restaurant Industry

When you think of the best food and restaurants on the planet, you really don’t need to look any further than our own city – NYC. Tourists and residents alike are drawn to the magnificent food served on just about every block - food from literally all of over the world. Eating and drinking establishments not only serve on an entertainment level, but they also major contributors to a bustling local economy. Restaurant owners have a lot to think about when it comes to their business, including the safety of their patrons and employees. Numerous fires take place in eating and drinking establishments every year, and knowing some facts behind those occurrences can help prevent them in the future.

Study on Industrial and Manufacturing Fires

As what some consider the fountainhead of world economies, New York City is the home of a myriad of businesses and enterprises. Industry, transactions, and bought-and-sold goods take place at breakneck speed on Manhattan, making it one of the most successful economies on the planet. While all of this is taking place, certainly there are particular dangers to this tenuous infrastructure. And one that probably doesn’t make a blip on the radar most days is the threat of fire. However, if this threat should become a reality, the results could be catastrophic for any of those business owners. Today, we are going to discuss the fires that occur at industrial and manufacturing sites.