Certified Flameproofing

The latest information about flameproofing in Manhattan and NYC.

What You Can Expect from Us as Certified Flameproofers

When we think of violations occuring in regard to flameproofing, the first thing that comes to our minds is that, usually, the business owner failed to be in compliance with fire code regulations.  However, as certified flameproofers, we have a responsibility to be in compliance with FDNY codes and regulations as well. In order to apply fire repellent and issue fire retardant certificates, we ourselves must have a Certificate of Fitness issued to us from the FDNY.  There are several standards that we as flameproofers need to uphold in order for us to have this certificate and be in good standing with the FDNY.

Flameproof Materials: Certified Safe

Compared to society years ago, we have so much more information as to materials that are harmful when we come in contact with them. Being so health-conscious, most of us exercise our due diligence to be informed about the ingredients in shampoos, lotions, laundry detergents, and foods. Following those same concerns, a business owner may feel some hesitation about the chemicals involved in fireproofing spray. Is fire retardant spray safe to breathe? Is it safe if someone comes in physical contact with treated materials? Here at Certified Flameproofing, we want to alleviate the concerns of our customers and guarantee the safety of the products we use to treat materials with flame retardant spray.

What's Involved in the Flameproofing Process?

People often wonder about the particulars involved in flameproofing a building.  They often incorrectly assume that it is a lengthy, complex process. One of the questions we are often asked is “What is involved in applying a fire retardant?” Business owners often want to understand how the process works occurs as well as the timing that it takes.  Applying fire repellent spray is a fairly simple procedure that usually takes just one day to implement.

All Great Reasons to Flameproof

As a business owner, you go to great lengths to ensure the success of your investment of time, energy and money.  So much effort goes into launching and maintaining a business. Each detail is combed through, planned and agonized over. In your strategizing, it is likely that the safety of your clients is factored into all of your steps.   One necessary item to bring to the table in maintaining a safe atmosphere for your customers or clients is fire safety – namely, flameproofing. A fire might seem like an unlikely circumstance, yet if one occurs, the results are devastating.  So, why take the trouble to flameproof, even if your structure is built with fire-resistant materials?

Certified Flameproofing Company to Flameproof Bars

FDNY code requires that all decorations and materials used for artistic enhancement be flameproofed (fireproofed). This code applies to all public buildings, including bars.

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